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Guide to Flammable Goods Cabinet for Workplace Safety

Guide to Flammable Goods Cabinet for Workplace Safety

Today, so many accidents happen that put the lives of so many people in danger. In most cases, accidents happen unexpectedly. But the worse thing is, there are ways that we can do in order to prevent accidents from happening. For example, the workplace where safety is of great importance. This is why companies implement various steps to make sure that no one gets hurt or killed and the facility will be put in danger. One of the ways they employ is the use of flammable goods cabinet as so many accidents are a result of fire.

This type of cabinet is designer to store chemicals that may cause fire or fuel an existing one. The cabinet is capable of withstanding great amounts of heat. In the case of metal cabinets, they are specifically constructed with the use of an 18-gauge iron or even higher.


Features of a Safety Cabinet

Flammable goods cabinet often features double walls. It allows an inch and a half or air in between. The design if very helpful in keeping heat from entering into the cabinet which could ignite the chemicals that are stored inside of it.


The Doors

The doors for these dangerous goods storage cabinet have gaps that are properly sealed for the purpose of decreasing the amount of heat that gets through it. At the same time, they feature a 3-point lock in order to prevent any unwanted openings of the door.



There are some types of metal cabinets that are made with a vent at the bottom part. This vent allows air to get inside to flow to the outside of the facility or building. This circulation of air is very important as it helps decrease the temperature inside of the cabinets.

These safety cabinets come with great features that make them very essential in any workplace that deals with chemicals that could cause fire. These cabinets can even be stacked all together. You can even choose to integrate them with the existing workbenches. This means that they will not be taking up so much of your work space. Such is very beneficial for smaller operations that make use of flammable and dangerous liquids.

When you are considering to buy a flammable storage cabinet, one of the most important things that you have to do is to look out for certifications.  If the cabinet successfully passes the set guidelines and requirements, then you can be confident that what you have is the right one and is a reliable storage cabinet. Keep in mind that it is not just about being prudent when having such types of cabinets, but it is what the law requires and the best thing to do is to abide by it.

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