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Spill Kits in Australia: What Your Team Should Prepare For

Looking for spill kits in Australia? Such a purchase will do a lot to grant your facility with the safety that it needs in managing corrosive, dangerous, and flammable liquids. In addition, it will keep you compliant of existing standards, which will help you avoid legal fines and other inconvenient and costly consequences. And if you want to ak the most out of the products, there are some things that you should prepare for, such as:


A Comprehensive Emergency Response Plan

Your spill kits should be incorporated into a comprehensive and solid emergency response programme, so that they can be utilised to their full capacity. It is not enough to just have the products, if you cannot design the best practices and right methodologies that:

  • Properly incorporate them into your operation
  • Apprise people of their roles and responsibilities, in case of an emergency
  • Harness the most important safety policies from established standards; and
  • Ensure the good condition of the kits

Something as simple as the location of the kits can do a lot to improve the safety in your facility; it should not be too far from potential spillage areas, but also not somewhere it may present blocks to the efficiency of your day-to-day processes. Similarly, there should be clear guidance on the flow that people should follow, if there is a spill.


Product Training For Your Team

It is also important to seek and secure proper product training for your team. There are many types of spill kits in Australia, and each class is suited to differing liquids and applications. In addition, the use of spill kits comes with technicalities that should be carefully navigated; some may be properties, for instance, that detract from the full potential absorbency of the products. Your manufacturer or supplier should provide the necessary training, at the level that you and your facility need.

Speaking of manufacturers and suppliers, make sure that you choose one that is of good reputation. Work with brands that have established the quality of their offered products, especially where compliance is concerned. Australia has strict regulations about the manufacture and classification of these accessories, and it is vital that your chosen brand live up to these standards.

Also, check the support and warranty that they offer. Their team must also provide personalised customer service, especially if you require help in setting up the kits, or assembling a set of chemical storage cabinets and trays or incorporating them into your operational processes.