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What Do You Get from Waterjet Cutting in Melbourne?

What Do You Get from Waterjet Cutting in Melbourne?

Waterjet cutting in Melbourne is becoming very popular among manufacturers. One of the reasons for this is the flexibility that it offers that other cutting processes fail to do so. The cutting process has a wide of applications to offer and it can even cut irregular shapes from almost any kind of material with an exceptional edge quality and precision. Whether it’s a straight cut, curve, internal holes, or lettering, once they get cut by hand can be cut into a fraction of time with the help of waterjet.


Edge Quality

This is among the important reasons why many designers choose waterjet. Waterjet cutting like the ones in Melbourne produces a very smooth and burr-free edge.

The kind of edge quality that is being produced by a waterjet machine is a function of pressure, speed, abrasive flow-rate, and nozzle size. In most cases, waterjet helps eliminate the needs for any secondary finishing. With this, you can save time and also improve efficiency.


Cost-Effective and Efficient

Just like any other equipment or machine, there is the so-called best tool for a specific application. Waterjet cutting machine excels well in cutting thick products like various layer of materials, aluminum, hardened steels, composites, and products that should be cut without any distortion of heat-affected zone.

If you are in search for a process that can offer exceptional edge quality that needs very little edge treatment, as well as the flexibility to cut so many types and thickness of a product, then a waterjet is definitely the best option.


Any Shape and Thickness

High-pressure water that is mixed with an abrasive can create a needle-sharp cutting stream that can cut different shapes and thickness. Such may include those bonded laminated materials like rubber-lined wear plates and aluminum composites.


No Heat-Affected Zone

Waterjet is considered to be a cold-cutting process that can eliminate the problems caused by hardened edges and heat distortion. This is very advantageous especially for intricate metal fabrication, and even for products that need additional machining after the cutting has been done.

For people who specialize in complex fabrication that needs accurate fitting, distortion from hot cutting is considered to be a big problem. Any type of cutting process that generates heat will have the secondary effect of altering the molecular structure of the material in its affected zone.


Cutting Flexibility

Simply put, if the product is not possible to be cut by a waterjet, then it probably can’t at all. Waterjet offers the flexibility of efficiently cutting almost any type of job as per the requirement of the client. This is why waterjet has always been one attractive option.

Indeed, waterjet cutting can greatly impact the quality of a material that is being cut. But as it offers high-grade quality it’s no surprise why many companies choose to invest in it.